A Break At The Beach

I have just had 3 nights at the beach with my Mum and Dad. JUST ME !! My wife and kids were of course welcome to come, but she decided not to so I could have some time to myself before everything such as school starts again. šŸ™‚


My daughter starts Kindy on the 27th , and my boy is back to school on the 2nd February. During my 3 nights are the beach I went on big walks,probably totaling about 50 km. I had a spa each day and a swim at the beach . I haven’t had a swim at the beach for a very long time. My sister and 2 of her 3 boys joined us for a night and she came for a walk with me on Thursday. We walked 10 km along the beach.


I could see myself living at the beach. Hamilton ( where I live ) is one of the very few places in New Zealand that isn’t on the coast. I do love Hamilton. The good thing about New Zealand is where ever you live, you can get to the beach in 90 mins or so. When you compare that to other countries where hours of travel is needed, we are very lucky. It is a goal of mine to one day have a house at the beach. On one of my calls home while I was away, I told my wife that if /when she works at another school, she could get one at the beach. But…this was said with a grin on my face.

So, not long to go now and everyone will be back to work, school and kindy. As we all do, I very much look forward to Christmas and the 6 week break. I’m very lucky because my wife is with us for most of it. But, when it’s nearly finished , I start to look forward to things getting back to normal , the routine of everyone going to school each day.I’m hoping we can go back to the beach in February.




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