It’s Nearly Christmas !!

Well, not quite nearly Christmas, but one month is down already. Only 11 months left !! Before we know it , Christmas will be upon us once again. Time seems get quicker & quicker all the time. I used to love the idea of time flying by, but I’m not so keen on it anymore. I’ll be 35 in May. I sorta think being 35-40 means your pretty much half way through life. It seems like just yesterday I had my 21st birthday. Before you know it,  I’ll be 40.

Next year our daughter will be at school as well. I do look forward it this. Many parents are in tears the day their kid start school. I can partly understand that, but that won’t be me. In a recent chat with my brother, he said how thinking of his kids turning 18 scared him a bit…. his oldest is 13. So, once my girl starts school, it will then be a time to either continue to work from home, or perhaps go out and get a day job. My goal is to continue at home.

Another reason I don’t like time flying by is my parents. They are getting older and it will eventually come to a time they are no longer with us.  They help me out whenever I need it and are a couple of my best friends. Our kids really enjoy all of their Grandparents. Hopefully we have still got a few years yet.

But, hey…… have you heard the saying……

“Time flies when you’re having fun”

Not all times are fun. Just after Christmas my father and I put up a trampoline. It was one of the surprises from Santa for our kids. THAT TOOK US 4 HOURS TO PUT TOGETHER. But you wouldn’t have known. As I said , it wasn’t that much fun, although we were very busy.



When your keeping busy or having fun, time does fly.

So, keep busy and have fun !!





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