Understanding Epilepsy – Talk , Don’t Be Shy !!

I’ll say it again. There is a need for a better understanding of Epilepsy.

It’s not really that hard.  It’s like alot of things.





As we know, the public really lack understanding. Everyone is different , just like our personalities. Imagine a world where everyone is the same. Maybe that will happen one day. Not quite everyone… but a few. All the talk of things Genetic’s. Imagine picking what sort of child you wanted to have. That’s sick !! If you were able to pick what colored eyes and hair your child was to have… If we get to that stage, we would have seriously lost the plot.




Back to the subject.

So, why do Seizures arrive ? Do they come when you are in certain situations ? When your tired or stressed ? These types of things create brain activity.

I keep a diary of my seizures or “turns”. I can often feel when they are coming.Can you predict when they are going to happen ? I wonder whether predicting them and telling my wife about it stops them from arriving. I always ask Alie ( wife ) what happened. I sometimes feel like I’m trying to gain attention…well, I sometimes think that is what she may be thinking. But, it’s all for my diary. That info is handy when you go and see the Doctor or Neurologist.

I’m super excited been involved in the NZ Epilepsy Foundation. I also run a Facebook page for my area. We may soon get some names of people who have Epilepsy. This will help us get a bigger group together.



I’m very glad Hayden ( son ) really understands Epilepsy. He’ll be 7 in May. A couple of days ago we were walking home from school and and he kept asking me if I was ok. This was because I was repeating what I had said. I was fine.  We’ll have to get Claudia to that level of understanding in the next few years . She’ll be at school next year.

They need to know –

* What Epilepsy is
* What happens
* Why it happens
* What to do

Encourage questions !!

I love to Exercise. I have never driven so I walk a few KM’s every day.I’ll be going for an hours walk tonight. It’s time-out with music in my ears. It helps with Self-Esteem as well. I have looked to getting involved in some social /activity groups. This is where a license would be handy.  I use the bus service, but I have to consider where these meetings are and whether a bus is going there. It’s not the best idea to be relying on public transport late in the evening.But, life goes on.

This was a fairly random post about a few things wasn’t it. It was just a time to get a few things off my chest.

Have a good weekend !!!


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