Inside-Out Health

 by Daniel M. Christensen



One thing is sure – life is funny.

It has a way of making us feel like we’re on top of the world one moment and completely worthless the next. For me, sometimes these two feelings happen during the same day. I have found, however, that how I feel inside is a direct reflection of what I feel on the outside. Without going full-on Confucius here, I simply mean that if I am healthy and putting great things in my body, I exude greatness. The other day when I ate an entire large pizza in one sitting? Not so much.


I have come to realize that nutrition, health, and fitness are more important than I ever realized. Here’s some things that I have learned on my continuous journey.





I recently read an article that stated “What you eat today doesn’t matter.” Rolling my eyes, I was about to click out of it in order to watch some more funny pet videos, but the next sentence actually caught my attention. “What you eat this month does.” There is a lot of wisdom in that. Our long-term habits determine our health, attitude, relationships, and really, the fullness of our lives.


For example, if I eat right every day but once every couple of weeks I splurge, it’s not that big of a deal. No, I am not advocating having over-the-top “cheat days” or anything of the sort. I guess it’s just nice to know that your body forgives you and has a way of purging sudden changes in diet. Cultivate healthy habits and your body will thank you. Your mind will thank you.


I’ve tried many different foods to achieve these habits. Remember, each body has different nutritional needs, and our individual tastes also come into play. For example, I usually choose Bison meat over beef, simply because it tastes similar and is nutritionally superior (more protein, less fat, less calories, more iron, etc). Quit forcing yourself to eat things that you absolutely hate. Like snap peas. They are seriously the worst. I instead opt for carrots, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, and other slightly more edible plants. This variety gives me some long term options that are sustainable. Think of your own and make a plan based on what is feasible for you, not just a short-term “cleanse” or fad.




What Counts is on the Inside


No, I don’t sell beauty products, why do you ask? But seriously, the physical nature of our bodies and even brains can affect our mental state as much as just trying really hard to have a good attitude. As we worry more about what’s inside our bodies, we’ll eventually develop a healthy glow on the outside. Our attitude and confidence will come to match it as we improve and reach our goals.


Your body deserves to feel good. It deserves to be active. It deserves to be fueled with good food.

So be healthy, you deserve it.



Author bio: Daniel M Christensen is a thinker and a dreamer. He thinks at night when he should be dreaming and dreams at work when he should be thinking. Either way, it makes for an entertaining blend. He blogs about random things just to get them out of his head.



2 thoughts on “Inside-Out Health

    1. It’s vital. I’ve spent most of my life eating what I “wanted” and feeling like crap as a result. What ywe eat truly determines a lot more than we think 🙂


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