Living Life With Epilepsy


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Most people with Epilepsy have an everyday life pretty much the same as everyone else. Well, that should be the goal. Epilepsy isn’t the same for everyone. There are a few things to think about, such as how often one has seizures and what sort of seizures they have. Epilepsy can limit some parts of life. For example, some with Epilepsy are unable to drive. There is normally a stand down period if one has a seizure such as 12 months. Others need to think about what their life would be without a license. Not been able to drive for 1 month, 6 months, 12 months. How would you handle this ?  Some with Epilepsy have NEVER had a drivers license. Employment can be another issue. It’s really about finding an understanding employer.

There could be problems with bullying & teasing. Maybe some will be excluded from groups. But, what one with Epilepsy needs to remember is that ANYONE CAN DEVELOP EPILEPSY AT ANY TIME. If one move away from someone who develops Epilepsy, then perhaps they aren’t the sort of person to be spending time with.

Parents need to continue to be positive. Communication is the key. As with anything, it’s good to talk. Talk about anything including Epilepsy.Supportive family and friends are essential. . Yes, everyone should be aware of ones Epilepsy and we all need to be taken care of when required. But, this can go to far. NO ONE SHOULD BE PUT IN COTTON WOOL.



thumbs upAttitude… Does one have a good attitude ?

Thinking positively is the key !!




One should always provide the likes of school /social groups with information. What type of Epilepsy and how often seizures occur ?  What they should do if a seizure occurs. The public generally have very little understanding of Epilepsy. If not informed, it’s possible a seizure could be misinterpreted.

One with Epilepsy should try and interact with others who have Epilepsy. This shows them that there are others out there with Epilepsy.They are not alone .This can sometimes be difficult. Some with Epilepsy like to keep their Epilepsy a secret. They need to understand there is nothing to be ashamed of.

They are not alone !!


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