My Easter Weekend

Hello There,

If you just celebrated Easter, was it a good one ?
We had a pretty good one here. The way things worked out , we got to have a 5 day weekend here in New Zealand. So, we decided to go away to my in-laws. There were other things to celebrate beside Easter as well. We had a 60th birthday and 40th wedding aniversary.

It ended up been a longer drive than usual, about 6 hours. There was a couple of times we were stationary. This was due to car crashes and slips/ erosion in the Waioeka Gorge.



We got there eventually though. It was an enjoyable weekend as usual, but it wasn’t the best in terms of my Epilepsy. I had about 4-5 seizures / turns. One of those was a bit different to what I normally have. I guess you could call it a Grand Mal or Tonic Clonic, whatever term you use.Sounds like I made a few funny noises, ended up in a funny position and let out alot of sweat.Perhaps I gave everyone a bit of a fright.It’s not the usual way I do things.

Despite the Epilepsy, we kept pretty busy and had a good weekend. There is no time like family time. The trip home was the same, a pretty slow one. It’s always good to get back to your own bed though.

We decided it would be a good idea to get a blood test to see if everything was ok with my pills, etc. So, today I had to take my boy to the doctor. I organised a blood test which we’ll do tomorrow. That has to be done before the morning pills, so the levels aren’t to high.

So, I guess that’s that !!



2 thoughts on “My Easter Weekend

  1. Wow. Beautiful pic. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. My sister has been and I’m a bit jealous. I’m so sorry you suffer from Epilepsy. I have a chronic illness myself and it’s not fun. You seem to have a great attitude, which is what I strive to have. Great entry, keep up the good work 🙂


    1. Thanks Carly 🙂 Yes, we do have a pretty nice place here in NZ . I’m more grateful than I used to be. One day I’ll see more of the world. Been to Australia many times but that’s about it. All the best for your health 🙂


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