Not the best of days…

Today has been one of those days. You know , right ?
What I mean is a day when things aren’t much fun, you look forward to when the day is over. I felt a bit frustrated this morning. The usual bit of silliness that happens when the kids are having breakfast. My wife leaves just after 7 in the mornings, so it’s just me when the kids are eating. I often tell them to stop mucking around and eat their breakfast. They complain that the other is looking at them !! CRAZY KIDS !!!

So, off to school and kindy we go. We leave here at 8:30 and I arrive back childless at about 9. As usual, I spend some time in front of the computer working on the likes of this ( my 2 blogs ) and the other things I have happening online. My goal is to very much develop what I am currently doing into a full time income next year. I don’t want to have to go out and seek employment. This isn’t laziness. As I have said many times , people / employers don’t understand Epilepsy.

I got a call this morning from a Garage Door business. I put my details forward on their website last night. So, they said they would be able to come today. I thought I would receive another call before anyone turned up, but a bit before lunch , a man arrived. I normally leave to get our girl from kindy about lunch, so I told the garage door man about this. But, once he had had a look at what the problem with the door was, we figured he would still be there once I got back from kindy.

So, the door opener needed to be replaced. He said he could do some repairs but said they may not last long. He said the door opener we had are no longer made. Our house is about 12-13 years old. Replacing it didn’t really excite me !! What was this going to cost ? To cut a long story short, he went ahead and did the job.

After we got back from kindy, Claudia and I had our lunch. He was just about finished with the door. It turns out that I will have to get the Security business here to get the remotes working to their full potential . As you may have, these remotes open the door and set the alarm. As him and I were talking about this, I think I may have had a minor turn. I have written it up in my diary. I keep a record of all my turns/seizures. I think today’s turned happened because Claudia was riding around , been a bit silly in the garage while we were discussing the garage door. As usual, my turn was bought on by emotions.

So, it’s now 4pm. Everyone is home from school, except my wife. As you may have read before , she is a teacher. I very much look forward to her coming home everyday. This is the last week of the first school term, so I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks. We get to all be together. my wife gets perhaps a week away from school work, and my days aren’t the same as the one before.

So, not the best of days, but that’s life isn’t it !!!


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