Get Together With Our Epilepsy

As I have said many times, it’s important everyone with Epilepsy realizes they are not the only ones .They are not alone.There are others out there, so there is no need to feel embarrassed, or like a “weirdo”.

Here with the NZ Epilepsy Foundation, we are starting to get some activities up and running. In the next few months, we have some things happening. I have been spreading the word through Facebook.  I have had a few people respond which is fantastic. If the 5-6 people on our board each find a few people, we are on our way. Hopefully we’ll develop a group that grows over time. We have 4.5 million people here in New Zealand, and there is about 80,000 people with Epilepsy. So, they have to be out there somewhere !!

This week I have joined a site called “My Epilepsy Team”. It looks exciting. This is what I have always thought there would be something like. There are members from all around the world. Different countries and different cities. I’m surprised that there are quite a few New Zealanders !! Hopefully this will be a way of finding more people who would like to join our activities.

A couple of posts ago I talked about taking Magnesium. I have started and so far it hasn’t really made any difference in terms of my Epilepsy. I wasn’t thinking that an improvement would happen overnight. I take them at lunchtime, away from my morning and evening medication. I will admit that a have forgotten my Magnesium a few times.But, we’ll continue. I purchased 120 tablets, so if we do the maths that is about 4 months worth !!!

Time continues to fly by. Christmas is coming ….too fast !! We are currently in school holidays here in NZ , so it’s always enjoyable to have some time with my wife (teacher) at home. I can get away from the kids and have some time out as well.

So, that’s all for now 🙂




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