Obesity…..a frustrating issue !!



Obesity continues to be an issue all around the world. A big part of this is our children. I have talked about obesity before. It frustrates me. The media talk about steps that need to be taken / why obesity is a problem. As with so many things, it always seems to come back to the government. Some think that if there is a problem , it is always up to the government to sort it out.

Isn’t it up to the individual when it come to what they eat, drink and do with their time ? I think so. Tax was placed on smoking, which has worked. Smoking continues to decrease. The goal in New Zealand is to be smoke free by 2025. Maybe , maybe not…we’ll see. There has been talk of taxing drinks to raise the prices. Will this stop people drinking the likes of Coke ? I don’t think so. An extra 40 cents or so won’t do anything. It seems  quite often the ones spending money on unnecessary things are the ones that really can’t afford it.  We also hear that groceries are to expensive and it’s cheaper to buy takeaways.




What type of businesses are around schools ?  Some say that there should be a certain distance between schools and businesses. This will help keep children from buying drinks, junk food or takeaways. Shops were recently built not far away from our house. It was discussed what type of shops were going to arrive. There is also a group of shops 5-10 minutes down the road. They have recently been in the paper because it consists of about 8-10 businesses. These are pretty much all takeaways / food shops , plus an alcohol business.



Let’s think about the kids and the dairy close to school. Where are the kids getting their money from ? It’s up to them whether they go and waste it on junk. It’s up to the parents to raise them  so they don’t do the likes of this, so they don’t buy this type of food. If they are buying their lunch, they need to be told to buy a healthy lunch.       THEY NEED TO DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD !!!!

So , it’s not up to the government. It isn’t their responsibility. It’s up to parents.This starts day 1.  The day they are born. What do you feed them at home ? How much do they eat ?  They need to have the right ideas and principles installed in them from a young age.

It is the same with many parts of life.

6 thoughts on “Obesity…..a frustrating issue !!

    1. yes, thats right. We also have to look at exercise / what people do with their time. When it comes to children it is parents responsibility… No one else.

      Thank you very much 🙂

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  1. What you are saying is so very true. I mean you are experiencing it down under, but it is a global issue.


  2. I agree with you. Obesity is the result of habits that we acquire over time. Children learn how to eat from their parents, and if takeout and junk are staples at home, then that’s what they’ll eat when the choice is up to them. The same is true for exercise. People aren’t obese because of someone is putting a gun to their head to eat junk. However, I also realize this issue gets complicated when you realize people actually have no idea what healthy, nutritious food looks like. We’re so surrounded by junk food that a lot of people don’t even know how to cook their own meals from scratch. That’s a tragedy, when you think about it.
    On a note, I live in Mexico, and about a couple of years ago the goverment started taxing soda and high-calorie processed foods (aka junk). Mexico is the second fattest country in the world (after the USA), and there was hope that the new taxes would help fight the obesity epidemic. Needless to say, that hasn’t worked. People are still eating and drinking as much junk as they did before, and the government is getting some pretty nice returns on this. It’s like you say, the government can’t fix this, only people can.


    1. Hey Fabiola,

      Sounds like you agree with me. So, Mexico is the 2nd most obese country ? They say New Zealand is the 3rd which I find hard to believe.
      Thank you 🙂
      All the best !!!


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