Bring On 2017….. Why ?

Don’t you hate it how time flies ? Time flies when your having fun, right ? Yes, I think so. It’s so hard to believe we are already in May. It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas.  “It will be Christmas before you know it “. That is something I say all year around.

I do really dislike how time goes so fast though. Why ? Because we get older and older everyday. I also think about my parents and family. No one is going to be with us forever.  It seems like just yesterday I finished school. It seems like just yesterday I turned 21. I’m now 35 !!! It seems like just yesterday I got married. It seems like yesterday that my kids were born.

There is a reason I am looking forward to this year been over though. Why ? Because next year , both our kids will be at school.  Sound cruel ? I don’t mean to be. Many people have a broken heart when their kids start school. I have just become tired of long days,sometimes about  occupying children. I love both my kids like crazy, but they do drive me crazy sometimes. Our kids are pretty well behaved , but all kids pack the odd tantrum. Kids ask alot of  questions too. That’s fine, they have alot to learn. I understand curiosity. We are all the same in our early years.


Due to my Epilepsy,  I don’t drive. So, most of my days are pretty mundane. I love the days when I spend some time with family, or simply have some company. My mother and I have started to play golf once a week, which is great.  Being a Stay At Home Dad is different to being a Mother at home as well. Well, I think so anyway. There is alot more socialising available to mothers. 90% ( at least ) of parents at home are woman, so it’s understandable.  If you were born again, would you be the same sex again ? Tricky or strange question ? Maybe…… Don’t think I question my sexuality. This thinking can be compared to alot of things. For example, if you were offered a trip to two countries and you have already been to one of them , wouldn’t you go to somewhere new ? If you have seen a movie, isn’t it better to go and see a new one. So, do you get my drift ? The reason I think like this is really based around my Epilepsy.

So, I look forward to next year when both the kids are at school. I don’t have a lazy attitude. I’M NOT A LAZY PERSON. I FEEL I’M THE OPPOSITE OF THAT.   I intend on working hard on my home business. I hope that is generating a significant income by the beginning of next year . If so, I’ll have options about what I do with my time. There won’t be the same pressure to go and find a job. The best person to work for is yourself.  I think this is the best option with my Epilepsy.

When I achieve my goals, I may look at volunteering. I hope to be working with Epilepsy in some way in the future. I love been on the NZ Epilepsy Foundation board here in my town. Things are slowly moving forward. It’s very encouraging. We have an event scheduled for next month !!!!

So, bring on 2017 !!


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