Motorsport… watching paint dry

Sport can help us –

  • Beat stress
  • Improve confidence
  • Socialise and make new friends
  • Have healthy joints, bones and lungs
  • Control weight
  • Keep blood pressure and cholesterol low
  • Reduce risk of heart attack or stroke

As we know, physical activity improves our health and overall well-being. The majority of us play sport in our school years , but this diminishes us as we get older. We find our careers, start a family, so this is understandable.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.  So, what are some things we can start or continue as we get older ? Here are a few things I think about for the future.




Swimming is a good option for the older generations. It’s something that can be done at your own pace. It doesn’t have to be a race. It can be done alone or with others. It can be sociable. My grandfather used to swim once a day. It was very much social for him. Swimming is good for muscle strength and has been proven to reduce stress. Its a low impact activity sport as it puts very little pressure on bones and joints.




Tennis is something I am very keen to play in the future. It can be played at any age. The people playing can decide the pace they want to play. You can be doing alot of running , and you are continuously changing direct. You can also have a slow paced game where you and another can simply hit the ball backwards and forwards.




In my late teens, I played golf at least once a week. I played on Sundays which is the traditional men’s day for golf. Some look at it as just an old persons sport. It can be and that is great, but the Tiger Woods era ( NOW OVER ) very much increased it’s popularity. I have heard a friend or two say that golf is boring. I DON’T THINK SO !!!! Want to know a boring sport ? MOTORSPORT.  Motorsport is like watching paint dry. You know what the outcome is going to be before they even start. You know they will go round and round and there will be a winner. How predictable. So, back to golf. They say 15 minutes a day walking  is sufficient exercise. Well, playing 18 holes of golf can be 2-3 hours of walking. I hope to get back to Sunday golf at some stage in the future.






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