Epilepsy – An Emotional Issue

Epilepsy is very much an emotional issue. Yes, it can be upsetting. We would all rather be without it, but that is not quite what I’m getting at.  90% of my turns / seizures happen in Emotional times. This is certainly the way it has been the last 10 days. In the last 10 days I have had three episodes of Epilepsy.  Let’s look at the situations that brought this on.


1 . My 2 kids were spending time in front of the computer. They only do this every 2 days. I’m not a big believer in kids been obsessed with technology. So, my son was having his hour in  front of the computer. Alot of the time when he is doing this he ends up with his little sisters company. So, as they did this, they had a disagreement like brothers and sisters do. I think someone may have hit someone else. So, when I heard this I went to see what was going on. This resulted in me having a turn.


2. Three days later I had something similar. I had been and had a shower before dinner. I came back to our family room and told one of our kids to stop. Please don’t think our kids are constantly fighting. I think we are very lucky with our two. But, once again this resulted in a turn.


3. Two days later, my Dad came in to keep me company while I waited for my son to finish school. Once he arrived home we went to Mum & Dads for dinner.  Why did this turn happen ? Well, I told Dad that I would be turning the T.V on to watch Parliament… Parliament being where Politicians go and talk policies ( they also act pretty childish ) You wonder why they even need to go to Parliament like they do. So, why would telling Dad this result in a turn ?  Well, I knew it was something that he wouldn’t really be to excited about. Alot of people probably feel the same, but Politics has become something I really enjoy. Perhaps Politics is in the future 🙂

Maybe if we could remove Emotions then Epilepsy would go away. Well, remove some Emotions anyway. We wouldn’t want to remove them all would we . Just the ones that bring on Epilepsy. There are some Emotions we all really enjoy. This is one of the reasons I have started taking Magnesium. It is a way of easing your stress / stressing out. I have been a bit inconsistent with my lunchtime Magnesium. I have only taken it about 80% of the time. In the last week I have probably improved on that though. It’s now become more of my routine, like my morning and evening pills.

All the best towards your Epilepsy & Emotions !!!

2 thoughts on “Epilepsy – An Emotional Issue

  1. Be careful with the magnesium as a male. If you have difficulty urinating, your getting crystal formations and need to cut back. Any naturopath can confirm this for you. It does help with calming, but you can easily overdo it. A mom who knows.

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