10 Weeks To Go !!

So, it was back to school and kindy today !!

I always look forward to the school holidays when we can have a week or so together. It’s much more fun than my wife leaving early like she does and then I taking the kids where they need to be. Pretty enjoyable holidays as usual.  The 2nd week always seems to go quicker than the first. Once the holidays have come to an end I’m kinda ready to carry on.

So, my daughter will be at school next year, so I’m very excited. It will be good no longer having the 10-15 minute walk to kindy. She still travels in the push- chair which she will do until she is finished there. We walk home after kindy. Next year it will be just down the street for both of them. School is only a few hundred metres away. Not even 5 minutes walk.

I’m often getting asked what I will be doing with myself, how I will full in my time. Not 100 % sure yet. My goal is to work from home. I’m slowly making progress with my online businesses. We’ll reaccess things at the end of the year.

Attraction Marketing System

My Epilepsy carries on. Looks like I have had about 7 episodes in the last month. That’s probably a bit of an increase. There was a stage I was having 2-3 a month, maybe 4. So, who knows why.

Most of these turns continue to be brought on by emotions. For example, yesterday we had friends for lunch. When they were about due to arrive, I heard a knock at the door. So, I went to open it…….But it turns out it was my son. He thought it was funny to pretend someone was there.  Our friends may have arrived pretty soon after that. I must have gone and had a sleep. When I came out I didn’t really have much to say. It took me a while to get back to myself.

There still isn’t much progress when it come to the NZ Epilepsy Foundation. I actually missed last months meeting, but I will be going to this months in a couple of days.

So, 10 more weeks of school…..


bryce rae


School Holidays

What do you think of the photo ? Not bad for a 7 year old !!

all blacks epilepsy

All Blacks Visit Kids With Epilepsy

The All Blacks  ( New Zealand Rugby Team)  recently visited kids in hospital with Epilepsy. This was great to see on our 6pm news, especially when it was on Daffodil Day here in New Zealand. Daffodil Day symbolises hope for 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by Cancer. Of course my heart goes out to anyone affected by Cancer, but it does receive alot of attention compared to Epilepsy.

Sometimes here in NZ it seems like the world revolves around the All Blacks…..or at least the media see it that way. So to have them visiting Kids with Epilepsy was very pleasing.

( click the pic below to see a short video )

all blacks epilepsy

Todays Turn

Hey Hows it going ? I hope life is treating you well !!

Me ?  Well , things are as usual. My days pretty much consist of taking kids to school and Kindy and doing the chores around our home. I spend a bit of time in front of the computer as well. I have a few projects in progress.  Have you been enjoying the Olympics ? I wasn’t really that excited before  it all started but I have been enjoying it.

Today I had my 2nd turn this month which I suppose isn’t too bad.  My daughter and I were on the way to school to bring my son home. We are very lucky that it isn’t even 5 minutes walk away. I don’t think we realised how good it would be when we moved here a few years ago. I can’t wait until next year with both kids at school.

Anyway, back to my turn. We had pretty much got to school and my daughter saw a girl from her Kindy. They smiled at each other, kinda said hello. Both myself and the daughters mother noticed. Anyway, just as this happened, I felt a wee bit funny. As with 90 % ( maybe even more ) of my turns these days, I know it is happening. I think we wandered about school briefly. I must have been a bit out of it, a bit lost. But my son said I was at his classroom as usual, like I am everyday. I can’t remember that. I can’t remember the walk home either.

As I said, I know when most of my turns are going to happen. I think when I say to my wife that I feel like I’m going to have a turn, doing that scares it away. Sound a bit odd  ?

So, the rest of the afternoon wasn’t much fun.  I never really enjoy the afternoons  that much .  I got dinner ready and sorted out the days washing.   I always look forward to my wife getting home . The main thing that used to bore me was the thought of entertaining the kids in the afternoons. Maybe I worried about it to much. They pretty much entertain themselves these days.  They don’t sit and watch T.V in the afternoons. They do this in the morning though. It fills in the hour or so before it’s time to leave.


So, that’s today and things at the moment.

bryce rae


Epilepsy & Education

Epilepsy & Education

Most Children with Epilepsy should be able to attend normal mainstream schools. They should be able to take part in all activities. As long as the school is informed of the Epilepsy. I remember in my school days there were a few things I wasn’t allowed to take part in, which was a little bit silly. I was quite capable. There was a teacher or 2 that were quite aggressive. Because of a lack of understanding, one thought I was just messing around. At  Polytech ( Tertiary Education), I studied Landscape Design. We did alot things in gardening, such as spraying. I was never allowed to do that. Once again, it seemed silly.  I come from a Dairy farming family and I was very active on the farm. I had my own motorbike from a young age.

Its may be a good idea to involve other children in ones Epilepsy as well. How ? Well,  If they are told about ones Epilepsy, they can learn what to do when a seizure occurs. It will show the children that there is no reason to be scared or panic.

There may be some that won’t be able to attend school.  This may be the case if they have many seizures. When I hear of people that have many seizures a day, I think about how lucky I am. Some children may have additional problems. Maybe their Epilepsy leads to learning or physical  difficulties. Many children these days seem to have learning issues. I sometimes wonder how real it all is. These sort of issues weren’t as common when I was at school.

My education was effected by my Epilepsy. When it arrived , I was 13-14. I had a few side effects such as gaining weight and tiredness. That’s funny, because since then I have had opposite effects. I have felt that I can really eat anything and not gain weight. I still try to not eat to much junk. Also with the sleeping. I’m not the best of sleepers. I’m often asleep in front of the T.V at 7pm, but only end up spending 3-4 hours in bed. HABIT , HABIT, HABIT. Alot of this is due to bad habits.  There have been times that I have improved my sleeping. But then I go back to bad habits.

So, I am still very motivated to get Epilepsy out in the public. We need to get more people understanding it. I won’t stop until I am part of achieving this.


The First Seizure & Diagnosis Of Epilepsy

Most people experience a sense of shock, fear and panic when seeing a seizure for the first time. That is completely understandable.

Many people have very little understanding of Epilepsy… well, that’s what I have found. The best thing to do is offer moral support.

So, as you may know,a person having a Tonic – Clonic / Grand Mal Seizure should be laid on their side. This is once any convulsions have stopped. Something soft should be put under their head. Nothing SHOULD EVER be put in ones mouth when having a seizure.


Is it worth calling an Ambulance ?  If people understand the Epilepsy, it may not be required. This is something that has been frustrating over the years for myself. I now pay an annual membership fee to St John ( NZ Ambulance Service ). It is $80 a year and this covers our whole family. It’s very much worth it , because if you aren’t a member and receive their service, you are charged MORE THAN $80. I can’t recall exactly what it is.

It is important to make sure the history of what happened is recorded. Personally, I write about every seizure I have.

What happened ?

Why did it happen  ?

Where did it happen ?

By keeping record of my seizures / turns , I can see whether my number of turns is increasing or decreasing. It’s always interesting to count them once we reach the end of the month. It seems like my turns have increased a wee bit over the last 12 months.

We must remember that there are other conditions that cause a person to have a seizure like episode. Perhaps someone may jerk and twitch, fall down or lose consciousness.This isn’t necessarily Epilepsy. The likes of an E.E.G / Scans looks further into this. All the Scans , etc , that I have ever had have never shown an reason for my Epilepsy.



bryce rae


Whats happening ?

Well, it’s been a while since I have posted. I guess the days just continue to fly by. My days are all pretty much the same. Nothing that exciting.

My Epilepsy hasn’t been to bad lately, but perhaps it was better 12 – 18 months ago. It’s probably 12 months ago that I stopped taking Topriamate. I had 5 turns/ seizures during May and 6 in April. I’m still going to stick to my Magnesium. Who knows whether it’s having any sort of effect. There is no stand out effect at this stage. Magnesium is good for you, so………why not.

Remember I had talked about our Epilepsy Family Fun Day ? Well that never happened 😦  A couple of the people on our board had health issues at the time, so I think that made some of the organisation difficult.But the biggest thing that continues to be the issue is people. Where are people with Epilepsy ? Most seem to be to shy. Maybe that is understandable, but I don’t feel that way. As I always say, of course I would lose my Epilepsy tomorrow if I could. Who wouldn’t !!  But, it’s really exciting to think I could be involved in getting Epilepsy to a better place than it currently is.

It’s been really rainy here in the last week or so.  I have had to endure the rain when getting the kids to school and kindy a few times.  No one likes walking in wet shoes and clothes. I wore my gumboots this morning !!! A bit heavier, but certainly drier.

Just one more week to go of this school term !!  Isn’t it scary to think we are half way through the year !!

Well, I guess I don’t really have much more to say…..sorry. None of that was really that exciting was it.

Until next time !!

bryce rae



Come Out, Come Out …Wherever You Are !!!

That’s right, come out come out wherever you are !!!!


“Why” ? you may ask. Because people with Epilepsy can achieve alot more together. There are other people with Epilepsy out there. How much of a group do you have in our area, town , city ?

This is something we really struggle with. Let’s do the Maths. Here in Hamilton, we have a population of 150,000. Let’s say 1% of them have Epilepsy in their life. That’s 1500 people !!!!! That’s alot of people. Let’s scale it down. What about 1000 people, or even 500. Those are big numbers. Surely some of those people would like to be part of something. Think of it as a club, community, group…whatever you want to call it. We all have something in common. Yes, it’s something we would rather be without, but why not try and make the best of it.

There are many ways we make friends. Maybe you met your friends through education, such as University or School. Maybe you worked together. Maybe you played sport together. We make friends through our children as well. We have made some of our best friends through starting a family !!!

Forget about embarrassment. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are others out there with Epilepsy. That’s why it makes so much sense not to be embarrassed. I’m proud to say I don’t feel embarrassment about anything really. Perhaps this is because of my Epilepsy.I think it has made me stronger in a way. Yes, I like to be my best and make a good impression. We should always try and be our best. But, I try not to sweat the small stuff. I don’t care what others think of me. People out there don’t know your story, don’t know what you are doing with your life.

Remember your younger years ? Did you get called silly names ? Did you want to be one of the cool kids ? When we get older we realize how silly all of that was. If only I could have known what I know now 20 years ago.

We have made some ground here in New Zealand… we are slowly getting some events for people with Epilepsy in place. We still have a long way to go, but it is very encouraging. I’m very proud and excited to be part of it.

So please …..come out, come out wherever you are  !!!!


 Do you like my t-shirt ?

I’m not afraid to wear it out !!!seize the day

emotion sickness

Epilepsy – An Emotional Issue

Epilepsy is very much an emotional issue. Yes, it can be upsetting. We would all rather be without it, but that is not quite what I’m getting at.  90% of my turns / seizures happen in Emotional times. This is certainly the way it has been the last 10 days. In the last 10 days I have had three episodes of Epilepsy.  Let’s look at the situations that brought this on.

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Not the best of days…

Today has been one of those days. You know , right ?
What I mean is a day when things aren’t much fun, you look forward to when the day is over. I felt a bit frustrated this morning. The usual bit of silliness that happens when the kids are having breakfast. My wife leaves just after 7 in the mornings, so it’s just me when the kids are eating. I often tell them to stop mucking around and eat their breakfast. They complain that the other is looking at them !! CRAZY KIDS !!!

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Magnesium & Epilepsy

Have you ever heard of Magnesium as a treatment for Epilepsy ?

                                                                                     Doing a google search, I see that there are a few articles / bit of info about Magnesium and nuts-73914__180Epilepsy. One would have to have a chat with the doctor first before they jumped in boots and all. But if you were to eat a few foods high in Magnesium, I don’t really see the harm. There is a difference between what we are eating and the medication we are taking. Our eating is a way to keep it all natural.


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My Easter Weekend

Hello There,

If you just celebrated Easter, was it a good one ?
We had a pretty good one here. The way things worked out , we got to have a 5 day weekend here in New Zealand. So, we decided to go away to my in-laws. There were other things to celebrate beside Easter as well. We had a 60th birthday and 40th wedding aniversary.

It ended up been a longer drive than usual, about 6 hours. There was a couple of times we were stationary. This was due to car crashes and slips/ erosion in the Waioeka Gorge.



We got there eventually though. It was an enjoyable weekend as usual, but it wasn’t the best in terms of my Epilepsy. I had about 4-5 seizures / turns. One of those was a bit different to what I normally have. I guess you could call it a Grand Mal or Tonic Clonic, whatever term you use.Sounds like I made a few funny noises, ended up in a funny position and let out alot of sweat.Perhaps I gave everyone a bit of a fright.It’s not the usual way I do things.

Despite the Epilepsy, we kept pretty busy and had a good weekend. There is no time like family time. The trip home was the same, a pretty slow one. It’s always good to get back to your own bed though.

We decided it would be a good idea to get a blood test to see if everything was ok with my pills, etc. So, today I had to take my boy to the doctor. I organised a blood test which we’ll do tomorrow. That has to be done before the morning pills, so the levels aren’t to high.

So, I guess that’s that !!


ALERT , ALERT !!! Medic Alert





So, Medic Alert ….

Medic Alert is a way your information is kept about your health issue. You wear a wristband / bracelet or something around your neck. On there is what health issue you have, plus a pin number. Do you have something like this where ever you live in this big wide world ?

So say something happens and you end up in the arms of Medical staff, they can look at Medic Alert and see why whatever happened may have happened. Perhaps they will discover there are some drugs you can’t take. I know a few people that wear Medic Alert for this reason. Of course, mine is for my Epilepsy. One thing we haven’t done is kept my info up to date. I should go through my doctor and get things signed off. This would be what medication I take, etc. My medication has changed many times over the years.

I  always wear mine around my neck. I have worn a wrist band a few times, but it annoys me a bit. I guess it is something you’d get used to.

I recently received an email from Medic Alert. They were asking me to fill in a survey about my experiences . The main question was whether I had had any experience of medical staff missing my Medic Alert / not taking notice of it. This has happened to me several times.

I had a seizure ( turn) one day when I was picking my son up from school. Even though I probably would have been fine, some thought I was having a heart attack. So, the Ambulance arrived. Did they see my Medic Alert around my neck ? NO !! Don’t you think they should have looked for it ?

So from the look of the survey, it sounds like there has been other people go through this. We pay a yearly fee for my family to be covered for Emergency services like this. I think we pay about $90 a year.  Without this , it would pretty much cost that for using their services just once. So it’s good it covers all 4 of us.

Our Ambulance service comes from St John . They rely heavily on donations/ fundraising  from the public. Perhaps the government could assist them a bit more.



Living Life With Epilepsy


This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™, which will run from March 1 through March 31. Follow along and add comments to posts that inspire you!


Most people with Epilepsy have an everyday life pretty much the same as everyone else. Well, that should be the goal. Epilepsy isn’t the same for everyone. There are a few things to think about, such as how often one has seizures and what sort of seizures they have. Epilepsy can limit some parts of life. For example, some with Epilepsy are unable to drive. There is normally a stand down period if one has a seizure such as 12 months. Others need to think about what their life would be without a license. Not been able to drive for 1 month, 6 months, 12 months. How would you handle this ?  Some with Epilepsy have NEVER had a drivers license. Employment can be another issue. It’s really about finding an understanding employer.

There could be problems with bullying & teasing. Maybe some will be excluded from groups. But, what one with Epilepsy needs to remember is that ANYONE CAN DEVELOP EPILEPSY AT ANY TIME. If one move away from someone who develops Epilepsy, then perhaps they aren’t the sort of person to be spending time with.

Parents need to continue to be positive. Communication is the key. As with anything, it’s good to talk. Talk about anything including Epilepsy.Supportive family and friends are essential. . Yes, everyone should be aware of ones Epilepsy and we all need to be taken care of when required. But, this can go to far. NO ONE SHOULD BE PUT IN COTTON WOOL.



thumbs upAttitude… Does one have a good attitude ?

Thinking positively is the key !!




One should always provide the likes of school /social groups with information. What type of Epilepsy and how often seizures occur ?  What they should do if a seizure occurs. The public generally have very little understanding of Epilepsy. If not informed, it’s possible a seizure could be misinterpreted.

One with Epilepsy should try and interact with others who have Epilepsy. This shows them that there are others out there with Epilepsy.They are not alone .This can sometimes be difficult. Some with Epilepsy like to keep their Epilepsy a secret. They need to understand there is nothing to be ashamed of.

They are not alone !!


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Understanding Epilepsy – Talk , Don’t Be Shy !!

I’ll say it again. There is a need for a better understanding of Epilepsy.

It’s not really that hard.  It’s like alot of things.





As we know, the public really lack understanding. Everyone is different , just like our personalities. Imagine a world where everyone is the same. Maybe that will happen one day. Not quite everyone… but a few. All the talk of things Genetic’s. Imagine picking what sort of child you wanted to have. That’s sick !! If you were able to pick what colored eyes and hair your child was to have… If we get to that stage, we would have seriously lost the plot.




Back to the subject.

So, why do Seizures arrive ? Do they come when you are in certain situations ? When your tired or stressed ? These types of things create brain activity.

I keep a diary of my seizures or “turns”. I can often feel when they are coming.Can you predict when they are going to happen ? I wonder whether predicting them and telling my wife about it stops them from arriving. I always ask Alie ( wife ) what happened. I sometimes feel like I’m trying to gain attention…well, I sometimes think that is what she may be thinking. But, it’s all for my diary. That info is handy when you go and see the Doctor or Neurologist.

I’m super excited been involved in the NZ Epilepsy Foundation. I also run a Facebook page for my area. We may soon get some names of people who have Epilepsy. This will help us get a bigger group together.



I’m very glad Hayden ( son ) really understands Epilepsy. He’ll be 7 in May. A couple of days ago we were walking home from school and and he kept asking me if I was ok. This was because I was repeating what I had said. I was fine.  We’ll have to get Claudia to that level of understanding in the next few years . She’ll be at school next year.

They need to know –

* What Epilepsy is
* What happens
* Why it happens
* What to do

Encourage questions !!

I love to Exercise. I have never driven so I walk a few KM’s every day.I’ll be going for an hours walk tonight. It’s time-out with music in my ears. It helps with Self-Esteem as well. I have looked to getting involved in some social /activity groups. This is where a license would be handy.  I use the bus service, but I have to consider where these meetings are and whether a bus is going there. It’s not the best idea to be relying on public transport late in the evening.But, life goes on.

This was a fairly random post about a few things wasn’t it. It was just a time to get a few things off my chest.

Have a good weekend !!!

Work, Employment & Epilepsy




Have you or someone you know with Epilepsy had trouble with Employment ?

This is something that really bothers me. At a recent seminar, a Neurologist said that Employers shouldn’t fear Epilepsy. He said that anyone could have a heart attack at anytime….and Employers aren’t concerned about that. He said this with a bit of a grin on his face though 🙂

Maybe employers feel that your performance won’t be up to the same level as others. Maybe they fear you are dangerous or perhaps you won’t be able to deal with the public.

We all have our place in society. The public very much lack knowledge of Epilepsy. It gets no time in the media. Sometimes it feels like some health issues such as Cancer receive far too much.
My heart goes out to anyone with any health problems.

There shouldn’t be to much difference between a employee with Epilepsy and one without. Personally , I think my 20 years with Epilepsy has perhaps made me more determined.

How often is one effected by their Epilepsy ? How often and how severe are their seizures ?  Currently I have been Epilepsy free for 2 weeks. So, 99 % of the time I am fine. I have been a Stay At Home Parent over the last 7 years and we have never had any problems.

If you find an employer that is understanding of your Epilesy and how it works , then all systems should be GO !!

If you have the qualification’s , you should be looked at the same as the next candidate. One of the best things you can have on your C.V is a good attitude. Do you have it ?

My daughter will start school at the beginning of next year. I may look to some more tertiary study , but my aspirations lie in home business. Hindsight would have been handy all those years ago when I went through Tertiary Studies. We always thought my Epilepsy would go away with time. If I had known it would still be around after all these years , I may have studied something different. I studied Landscape Design. There can be some physical work involved there and a drivers license would be needed. My interests are very much in front of a computer these days.




Epilepsy Drugs & Birth Defects…



Hope you had a fantastic Christmas. I had a pretty good one. It’s hard to believe that it was 2 weeks ago. Time goes to quickly. There are times when that’s a good thing, but there are also times I wish it would slow down. For example, I was looking forward to the school year ending, meaning more family time. But , before we know it January will be gone and everyone will be back to school. I enjoy the holidays because of Alie ( my wife ) being a teacher.

So, a little while ago there was a very interesting story on the news. This was about a mother who was taking Epilim while pregnant and wasn’t informed of the issues it leads to. Her teenage daughters have had some development problems.

People are very unaware of this. I recently learned about this at The Brain Train. The Brain Train was an Epilepsy Meeting with a few knowledgeable guest. One of them was from FACSNZ  which stands for Foetal Anti -Convulsant New Zealand. She told us how many drugs can have a real effect on a pregnant woman, leading to their babies / children. It seems not many know about this. But,it is a topic in different places online.

There was a reaction to this news story on Facebook. Many people seemed to think they were an experts. This is the same whenever it comes to Epilepsy.  Frustrating !!


Take a look at the news story – HERE 

Roxanne Davenport

Guest Post : Roxanne Davenport

I have gotten to know Roxanne because we have something in common, which is Epilepsy. She is very active online when it comes to Epilepsy and this very much benefits others. People like Roxanne is just what Epilepsy needs.

Take a look at her blog –  “SEIZE”URE THE DAY!


I didn’t consider myself an EPILEPSY ADVOCATE until after I had an unexpected seizure while I was driving.  I had been seizure free for seven years.  The drug store that filled my prescription switched the company that manufactured the generic medicine I took because it was cheaper for them.  After taking that different generic medicine one day, I had that car wreck.  My seizure wasn’t like my usual stare for thirty seconds.  This time I stiffened up, fought my daughter while she tried to take over the steering wheel and pull the emergency brake, and my foot stayed on the gas pedal.

I don’t remember anything.  I don’t remember hitting multiple mailboxes, swerving side to side on the road, and then hitting a tree.  Thank goodness the tree went in between me and my daughter.  I didn’t come out of my seizure until someone was pecking on my car door window.  Then I noticed someone else carrying my daughter from the car to lie her down on the ground.  My other daughter in the back seat was little and had to be in a car seat.  Thank goodness she was restrained and didn’t have any cuts or bruises.  My oldest daughter’s ankle was shattered!  She has had five surgeries in the past 6 years.  Finally her ankle had to be fused with titanium.  I’m not blamed for the wreck, every time someone asks what happened to her ankle she just says “I was in a car wreck”.  Never once have I heard her say that I did that.
While she was out of school, I wrote my Congressman and fought my insurance company about taking generic epilepsy medicine.  I WON!  Brand name medicine is what the doctor orders for me now.  I don’t drive though.  I found a way to deal with that.  Since I can’t make it to epilepsy group meetings because I don’t drive anymore, I can talk to people on line.  Meeting people from everywhere!
Something I am doing now that I never thought I would do, WRITE.  I used to work in the medical field and would talk to patients about epilepsy.  Now that I am not working, it’s amazing at how many more people I have talked to.
Spreading EPILEPSY AWARENESS is what I do now.

Epilepsy Blog Relay : Will My Children Have Epilepsy ?


This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which will run from November 1 through November 30. Follow along and add comments to posts that inspire you!



Many people around the world are wondering if Epilepsy is genetic.  Here we’re going to discuss this in detail.  It’s not uncommon for people to be curious about this during their child rearing years.  The last thing a potential parent wants to do is pass on their health issue to their offspring.  We’ll also discuss the likelihood of doing just that.  Understanding the facts goes a long way in helping to uncover the myths surrounding this condition.

Epilepsy can be passed down from generation to generation.  That doesn’t mean a person’s children are guaranteed to have it.  It simply means that their likelihood of having Epilepsy increases.  This is true if the father of the child has Epilepsy.  It should be noted that if the mother has Epilepsy, the likelihood of the child having Epilepsy is slightly higher. A woman should question the medicated she is taking, whether there is a chance of that effecting her baby. I have recently learned about Foetal Anti -Convulsant Syndrome. FACS occurs when an anti-convulsant drug, such as Epilim, is taken by a mother during pregnancy.  It crosses the placenta and through the developing fetus. But, once again, not all woman on these medications will have a child effected by FACS.

I don’t think Epilepsy should prevent  a couple from considering starting a family. But, everyone’s case is different and health professionals can give advice.  It should also be noted that a sibling is at higher risk of Epilepsy if their brother or sister has it.  With this said, the risk is still fairly low.  While it’s definitely higher than in the general population, the risk is minimal and shouldn’t stop anyone from considering expanding their family.

You should also note that Epilepsy is not contagious.   You can’t pass on Epilepsy through a hug or a cough.   No one should ever be concerned about contracting Epilepsy from someone else.  It simply isn’t possible and any concern is based on irrational thoughts.

Epilepsy can also be caused by brain trauma.  If this is the cause of Epilepsy, then it’s not genetic and therefore can’t be passed on.  This is a common form of Epilepsy. Any traumatic head injury can be the catalyst for Epilepsy.   Those who repeatedly have their head hit are at higher risk of developing Epilepsy. Head protection when riding a bike, or playing some sports is a must.

Never lose sight of the fact that Epilepsy and seizures can be treated.  While this is a serious condition, millions of people around the world live productive lives with it.  Always make sure to take your medication as prescribed.  A close relationship with your doctor is a must when having this condition.  It’s the best way to make sure that it’s under control.  You’ll also be able to bring up any concerns you may have in regards to passing it on to your children.

I have a 6 year old son and a four year old daughter. Being a Stay At Home Dad, I am responsible for them most of the time. We have now reached a stage where my son understands my Epilepsy and knows what steps to take if I have a complex partial seizure.

I developed my Epilepsy during Puberty. No one in my family has Epilepsy. All tests ( MRI & EEG ) I have ever had have never shown any reason for it, so I wonder why. We all wish for the best health for our family. I do think of my children developing Epilepsy. Lets hope for the best.

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Foetal Anti - Convulsant Syndrome

Foetal Anti – Convulsant Syndrome



What is that you may be thinking ..

FACS can occur when anti-convulant Medication is taken during pregnancy. The medication crosses the Placenta and through to the developing Fetus.

FACSs refers to 3 different syndromes. These are –

  • Foetal Valproate Syndrome
  • Foetal Carbamazepine Syndrome
  • Foetal Hydantoin Syndrome

FACS can be diagnosed by a specialist when a mother to be is taking Anti – Epilepsy Medication during pregnancy.

The of type of drugs to think about are –

  • Epilim
  • Tegretol – Carbamazepine
  • Dilantin  – Phenytoin

Some of the possibilities are

  • Spina Bifida
  • Visual Difficulties
  • Lower IQ
  • Small size at birth
  • Attention and Memory problems
  • Slow Development

I have seen many questions about Medication and Epilepsy. It was interesting to hear this information. I have always thought the possibilities of these type of problems due to Epilepsy were pretty small. As I said, not all woman taking this type of medication will be affected, but sounds like they are a possibility.

I have often though that it wasn’t anything to worry about. I did think about this sort of thing when becoming a father. I was glad we didn’t have any problems getting pregnant. We have 2 healthy children.

People can be on these drugs for types for Medical issues other than Epilepsy, such as Mental Health.

For more information , take a look at the following website – FACSNZ