Roxanne Davenport

Guest Post : Roxanne Davenport

I have gotten to know Roxanne because we have something in common, which is Epilepsy. She is very active online when it comes to Epilepsy and this very much benefits others. People like Roxanne is just what Epilepsy needs.

Take a look at her blog –  “SEIZE”URE THE DAY!


I didn’t consider myself an EPILEPSY ADVOCATE until after I had an unexpected seizure while I was driving.  I had been seizure free for seven years.  The drug store that filled my prescription switched the company that manufactured the generic medicine I took because it was cheaper for them.  After taking that different generic medicine one day, I had that car wreck.  My seizure wasn’t like my usual stare for thirty seconds.  This time I stiffened up, fought my daughter while she tried to take over the steering wheel and pull the emergency brake, and my foot stayed on the gas pedal.

I don’t remember anything.  I don’t remember hitting multiple mailboxes, swerving side to side on the road, and then hitting a tree.  Thank goodness the tree went in between me and my daughter.  I didn’t come out of my seizure until someone was pecking on my car door window.  Then I noticed someone else carrying my daughter from the car to lie her down on the ground.  My other daughter in the back seat was little and had to be in a car seat.  Thank goodness she was restrained and didn’t have any cuts or bruises.  My oldest daughter’s ankle was shattered!  She has had five surgeries in the past 6 years.  Finally her ankle had to be fused with titanium.  I’m not blamed for the wreck, every time someone asks what happened to her ankle she just says “I was in a car wreck”.  Never once have I heard her say that I did that.
While she was out of school, I wrote my Congressman and fought my insurance company about taking generic epilepsy medicine.  I WON!  Brand name medicine is what the doctor orders for me now.  I don’t drive though.  I found a way to deal with that.  Since I can’t make it to epilepsy group meetings because I don’t drive anymore, I can talk to people on line.  Meeting people from everywhere!
Something I am doing now that I never thought I would do, WRITE.  I used to work in the medical field and would talk to patients about epilepsy.  Now that I am not working, it’s amazing at how many more people I have talked to.
Spreading EPILEPSY AWARENESS is what I do now.