Get Rid Of The Cotton Wool

So, with the likes of Epilepsy, are there things we can and cannot do ? Well that’s really up to the individual. When we look at childhood, it should be best time of our lives.

” Go out and break a leg”

When I was a boy, we ran around outside, we jumped on the trampoline, all that stuff.   We didn’t play on IPads, IPods….whatever. We got our kids a trampoline for Christmas !! I always tell my son that I got over playing computer games when I was 10. Maybe it isn’t completely true, but there is nothing wrong with stretching the truth just a little bit.  I’m proud to say I have never played on a Playstation or Xbox.


Kids are far to much in Cotton Wool these days. Recently in the paper there was a story about a playground been shut down a few days after it’s opening. Why ? Well, they decided it may have not been completely safe.  Did they really need to shut it down ? There is nothing wrong with a bruise or a scratch.  They do us good. They toughen us up. It’s frustrating how kids ( MINE !! ) think they need a plaster whenever they see blood. My kids seem to find a plaster exciting. If one has one, the other one wants one too.

People are way to protective. Children need to learn to do things themselves. Children need to become independent. There is no need to walk your child to their classroom. MAKE THEM CARRY THEIR OWN BAG !!  20-30 years ago, many kids walked to school, but everyone seems to drive them these days. Yes, the world is always changing….. we have a role to play in that.

You aren’t going to be around your children forever. Take a balanced view. There is benefits to potential risk just like there is benefits to activities. Think of swimming. Everyone should have a swim, as long as not alone. What else…. Cycling, Horse Riding. Things like that. As long as a helmet is being worn. Helmets really frustrate me here in NZ.  Many don’t bother wearing one . It should be compulsory and not doing it should bring a fine…. maybe $50.

Getting out there is part of growing up. It’s about getting out there with others. We have a life where we are constantly interacting with others, whether it be talking with friends and family, talking to your neighbor, or even talking as your going through the check-out at the Supermarket.

So, if you are using Cotton Wool , whether it be with yourself or the ones you love, my advice would be to lose it.


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Epilepsy Blog Relay : Will My Children Have Epilepsy ?


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Many people around the world are wondering if Epilepsy is genetic.  Here we’re going to discuss this in detail.  It’s not uncommon for people to be curious about this during their child rearing years.  The last thing a potential parent wants to do is pass on their health issue to their offspring.  We’ll also discuss the likelihood of doing just that.  Understanding the facts goes a long way in helping to uncover the myths surrounding this condition.

Epilepsy can be passed down from generation to generation.  That doesn’t mean a person’s children are guaranteed to have it.  It simply means that their likelihood of having Epilepsy increases.  This is true if the father of the child has Epilepsy.  It should be noted that if the mother has Epilepsy, the likelihood of the child having Epilepsy is slightly higher. A woman should question the medicated she is taking, whether there is a chance of that effecting her baby. I have recently learned about Foetal Anti -Convulsant Syndrome. FACS occurs when an anti-convulsant drug, such as Epilim, is taken by a mother during pregnancy.  It crosses the placenta and through the developing fetus. But, once again, not all woman on these medications will have a child effected by FACS.

I don’t think Epilepsy should prevent  a couple from considering starting a family. But, everyone’s case is different and health professionals can give advice.  It should also be noted that a sibling is at higher risk of Epilepsy if their brother or sister has it.  With this said, the risk is still fairly low.  While it’s definitely higher than in the general population, the risk is minimal and shouldn’t stop anyone from considering expanding their family.

You should also note that Epilepsy is not contagious.   You can’t pass on Epilepsy through a hug or a cough.   No one should ever be concerned about contracting Epilepsy from someone else.  It simply isn’t possible and any concern is based on irrational thoughts.

Epilepsy can also be caused by brain trauma.  If this is the cause of Epilepsy, then it’s not genetic and therefore can’t be passed on.  This is a common form of Epilepsy. Any traumatic head injury can be the catalyst for Epilepsy.   Those who repeatedly have their head hit are at higher risk of developing Epilepsy. Head protection when riding a bike, or playing some sports is a must.

Never lose sight of the fact that Epilepsy and seizures can be treated.  While this is a serious condition, millions of people around the world live productive lives with it.  Always make sure to take your medication as prescribed.  A close relationship with your doctor is a must when having this condition.  It’s the best way to make sure that it’s under control.  You’ll also be able to bring up any concerns you may have in regards to passing it on to your children.

I have a 6 year old son and a four year old daughter. Being a Stay At Home Dad, I am responsible for them most of the time. We have now reached a stage where my son understands my Epilepsy and knows what steps to take if I have a complex partial seizure.

I developed my Epilepsy during Puberty. No one in my family has Epilepsy. All tests ( MRI & EEG ) I have ever had have never shown any reason for it, so I wonder why. We all wish for the best health for our family. I do think of my children developing Epilepsy. Lets hope for the best.

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I’ll Pack A Lunch ( Alpaca)

On The Bus

Today my daughter and I had a bit of a different Friday. Our Fridays are normally away from kindy, but we went on a kindy trip today. The trip was to an Alpaca Farm. Do you know what an Alpaca is ?

Part of the fun was the bus ride. Sound a bit weird. My girl and I have probably never been on a bus without her being in the pushchair….maybe once.
The Alpaca’s were a good time. They are a different sort of animal . Not as common as the sheep or cow.
All the kids got to feed the Alpaca’s. There were some real friendly ones. The kids also got to stomp in the mud  !!! Always a good time, right ?
So, a fun day out !!
It’s nice to be sitting here in my P.J’s on a Friday night – 7:30 pm 🙂
That’s always a good time. We’ve got the weekend ahead of us.

All the best



If You Keep Losing Sleep Your Gonna Be……


My daughter is currently asleep on the couch. She has been for about the last hour and a half. She doesn’t really sleep much during the day anymore.

Every creature on earth needs a rest, whether that rest is during the day or during the night. We all sleep. We need to eat and we need to sleep. To much attention is put towards our diets and sleeping isn’t talked about enough.

Sleeping gives your body a rest. This prepares it for the next day. After a day, your mind and body need a holiday. Your brain needs to sort things out. Without it, your brain will mess things up.
Maybe sleeping is when our brain sorts out all the information, solves all the problems.Perhaps all the scientific stuff is done as we sleep.

As we know the amount of sleep a person needs depends on age.
Babies need a lot. About 14-15 hours a day. But once we each adulthood
we can get by on 7-8 hours of sleep.

Kids between 5 and 12 ages need somewhere between 10-11 hours sleep.
I enjoy this at the moment. Our two children ( 3 & 6 yrs ) go to bed about 7 pm every night, which equals about 12 hours. So, what do I enjoy ? That time when we are child free. Sound Cruel ? It’s just nice to relax without the kids.

Does missing a nights sleep make you grumpy ?
50% of the time I fall asleep in front of the TV. If you were to miss 2 nights, you would start to have real problems. As mentioned earlier, your brain and body need sleep to function. I don’t know how anyone would cope with no sleep at all over 48 hours.

Eventually it will become impossible for the brain to function, to send those messages to the rest of your body.

I think a lot of things in life are about habits. Good habits, bad habits. There are many things we do every day. Like eating our meals, brushing our teeth. Sleep is very much a habit. You can be in a good or bad habit with your sleep. I sometimes get into bad habits with my sleep by getting up at 2-3 am and watching TV for an hour or 2, then getting up early. But, if I go to bed at a good time, like 9-10 pm and read for a while, I can spend the whole night there. If I have to visit the toilet during the night, I sometimes have temptations not to go back to bed.




Silverchair – If You Keep Losing Sleep

Not The Best Day

I didn’t have the best day yesterday. It was the usual start. My wife left at about 7:15 for her 20-30 minute drive to work. Its always about then that the kids are sitting at the table eating their breakfast. I always have to tell them to be quiet, carry on eating , etc. Every day is the same. It can be pretty frustrating. So, it was that sort of morning, plus I had quite a few other things running through my head.

So, at 7:30- 8 am , it’s always brush teeth time. It’s always about 8:30 that we leave for our walk to school and then kindy.  At about 7:30 or so, the doorbell went. I went and answered the door. There was a Courier Man there with a parcel for us. I then remembered that he was going to be coming. .  But, that is the last I can remember of him.

Next thing I remember is walking along the foot path in my slippers. I eventually ended up back at home. The front door had been pushed towards been shut, but not completely. I went in and there was no one there.

So, I gave my wife a call. She said she was on her way home.  She also told me the kids were just down the street at my sons friends house. Sounds like I had taken off and the Courier Man was unable to stop me. My son asked the Courier Man to take them to his friends house. Well Done !! So, I got on my way there. Just as I got onto the street, our Neighbour arrived. So, him and I walked to their house. There were my kids !!

So, we came home again. Next thing ya know, about 8:30, my wife was home again. I wish she hadn’t come home for the day. I’m sure my parents could have helped us out. So, from there, she took our girl to kindy , and my son and I walked to school, which is not even 5 minutes walk away.

I rang the Courier Company and found out who had made the delivery. They told me so I personally rang the man and told him how grateful we were that he took care of the kids by taking them down the street.

So, I had a day with my wife at home. After lunch we ( including our daughter) went to the local shopping centre to do a couple of things.

So, frustrating for me !! Frustrating because it meant my wife missed a day at work. It just makes you feel bad because you messed everything up.

I felt ok this morning, and I was really. I was a little funny when I left kindy though. (after dropping my daughter there). I stood on the footpath and wondered how long I had until I had to be back, or some reason I was thinking I didn’t want to go to far.  One of the teachers came out to see whether I was ok. I said to her that it seems like there is several periods throughout the day, like there was when I was at school. EG: 6 one hour periods. At first I was dreaming I had to be back in a short time. But, I came right and continued on my way home. Apart from that, which only lasted a few minutes I suppose  I’ve been fine today.