It’s Nearly Christmas !!

Well, not quite nearly Christmas, but one month is down already. Only 11 months left !! Before we know it , Christmas will be upon us once again. Time seems get quicker & quicker all the time. I used to love the idea of time flying by, but I’m not so keen on it anymore. I’ll be 35 in May. I sorta think being 35-40 means your pretty much half way through life. It seems like just yesterday I had my 21st birthday. Before you know it,  I’ll be 40.

Next year our daughter will be at school as well. I do look forward it this. Many parents are in tears the day their kid start school. I can partly understand that, but that won’t be me. In a recent chat with my brother, he said how thinking of his kids turning 18 scared him a bit…. his oldest is 13. So, once my girl starts school, it will then be a time to either continue to work from home, or perhaps go out and get a day job. My goal is to continue at home.

Another reason I don’t like time flying by is my parents. They are getting older and it will eventually come to a time they are no longer with us.  They help me out whenever I need it and are a couple of my best friends. Our kids really enjoy all of their Grandparents. Hopefully we have still got a few years yet.

But, hey…… have you heard the saying……

“Time flies when you’re having fun”

Not all times are fun. Just after Christmas my father and I put up a trampoline. It was one of the surprises from Santa for our kids. THAT TOOK US 4 HOURS TO PUT TOGETHER. But you wouldn’t have known. As I said , it wasn’t that much fun, although we were very busy.



When your keeping busy or having fun, time does fly.

So, keep busy and have fun !!




Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!


Our boy with Santa
Our boy with Santa

We have just been for a drive. The kids have had a late night. We took them for a drive in their P.J’s to see some Christmas light. Man, the extreme that some people go to. It’s great to look at, it certainly got the kids excited, but they have fallen asleep as soon as they got into bed.

1 or 2 streets were packed full of cars with people walking around. I feel a bit sorry for the people not participating. But I guess it’s only for a couple of weeks.
So, are you excited about Christmas ? I’ve been counting down the weeks. I have the privilege with Alie ( wife ) getting a few weeks off due to being a teacher. We’ll be going away to my in-laws for about a week. This year my parents are going to come and stay with us as well. So, the kids are pretty lucky. They will be able to enjoy both sets of Grandparents. Our girl turns 4 a couple of days before Christmas. Not the best date in some ways. We have to make sure not to  pull her birthday into Christmas. She finished at a kindy a couple of days ago. She will be going to a new one next year. She has been going there for a couple of years so her last day was a bit sad. They do a great job, much appreciated. The same goes for our boy at school. He had another lovely teacher this year. So , enjoy ya Christmas, Drive Safe !!


Mount Everest

My Everest Walk !!



So, back to School and Kindy for everyone tomorrow. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, probably the busiest holidays we have ever had. We saw alot of people. We spent a few nights away with my in-laws and parents. While we were away I did part of the Everest Walk !! Puzzled ?

A view out towards Young Nicks Head

Kaiti Hill



It was called the  Kaiti Hill Challenge. Kaiti Hill is 130m high, so 68 climbs or walks gets you all the way to the top of Mt Everest (8840m).  This distance had to be done between the 13th of September and the 31st of October. I don’t really think you can put it on the same scale, but it’s a great theme for a walk. It got alot of people involved, including my mother-in-law. She is always a keen walker.

It was pretty impressive the number of people walking up the hill. Walking up and down took about 30-40 mins, so we did this twice two days in a row.  When you get to the top of Kaiti Hill, you have a pretty good view. You can see all of Gisborne, plus Young Nicks Head.    This is the spot that 12 year old Nicolas Young first saw in 1769 when aboard Captain Cook’s Endeavour.

The Endeavour
Captain Cook’s Endeavour

A couple of days ago, my mother-in- law sent me a text saying she had completed her Everest Walk. Sounds like she got up to 6 walks one day. That’s a bit of walking, and walking the same track over and over again.

So, holidays are always good holidays, but by the end of things I’m always ready for the end of things. The good thing this time of year is that it’s only one  more school term and we have the end of year. Sorry to sound negative, but I don’t really enjoy thinking about Christmas. I sometimes think it would be nice to go to bed about the 23rd of December, then wake up about the 5th of January.

I’ve just had a funny week when it comes to my Epilepsy. A week ago, I went a bit down the road and joined a fitness group. I told the Instructor about my Epilepsy, then about half an hour in had a turn. I felt it coming on. Things looked different. The Instructor was very helpful. She made sure I was ok to walk home. She even sent a Facebook message that evening. I have had turns the last 3 days as well. They have all had a reason, and all been very short. The reasons have being watching my son spill his cereal. It stressed me out watching him try and carry his place-mat and bowl at the same time. I knew something was going to spill. This led to my turn. The next day my kids were riding their bikes outside and my son called us out because my daughter was having problems on her bike.  Then, yesterday …. After dinner, my son asked if there was any pudding. “No”, I said. He didn’t like the sound of that, so more conversation eventuated. Then a very quick turn arrived.                                                                                                    So, as you can see, just little things that brought a bit of stress. It’s Sunday again, so I’ll be going to the fitness group again. Here’s hoping things will be ok.

All the best,

Bryce 🙂