Get Rid Of The Cotton Wool

So, with the likes of Epilepsy, are there things we can and cannot do ? Well that’s really up to the individual. When we look at childhood, it should be best time of our lives.

” Go out and break a leg”

When I was a boy, we ran around outside, we jumped on the trampoline, all that stuff.   We didn’t play on IPads, IPods….whatever. We got our kids a trampoline for Christmas !! I always tell my son that I got over playing computer games when I was 10. Maybe it isn’t completely true, but there is nothing wrong with stretching the truth just a little bit.  I’m proud to say I have never played on a Playstation or Xbox.


Kids are far to much in Cotton Wool these days. Recently in the paper there was a story about a playground been shut down a few days after it’s opening. Why ? Well, they decided it may have not been completely safe.  Did they really need to shut it down ? There is nothing wrong with a bruise or a scratch.  They do us good. They toughen us up. It’s frustrating how kids ( MINE !! ) think they need a plaster whenever they see blood. My kids seem to find a plaster exciting. If one has one, the other one wants one too.

People are way to protective. Children need to learn to do things themselves. Children need to become independent. There is no need to walk your child to their classroom. MAKE THEM CARRY THEIR OWN BAG !!  20-30 years ago, many kids walked to school, but everyone seems to drive them these days. Yes, the world is always changing….. we have a role to play in that.

You aren’t going to be around your children forever. Take a balanced view. There is benefits to potential risk just like there is benefits to activities. Think of swimming. Everyone should have a swim, as long as not alone. What else…. Cycling, Horse Riding. Things like that. As long as a helmet is being worn. Helmets really frustrate me here in NZ.  Many don’t bother wearing one . It should be compulsory and not doing it should bring a fine…. maybe $50.

Getting out there is part of growing up. It’s about getting out there with others. We have a life where we are constantly interacting with others, whether it be talking with friends and family, talking to your neighbor, or even talking as your going through the check-out at the Supermarket.

So, if you are using Cotton Wool , whether it be with yourself or the ones you love, my advice would be to lose it.


bryce rae