Work, Employment & Epilepsy




Have you or someone you know with Epilepsy had trouble with Employment ?

This is something that really bothers me. At a recent seminar, a Neurologist said that Employers shouldn’t fear Epilepsy. He said that anyone could have a heart attack at anytime….and Employers aren’t concerned about that. He said this with a bit of a grin on his face though 🙂

Maybe employers feel that your performance won’t be up to the same level as others. Maybe they fear you are dangerous or perhaps you won’t be able to deal with the public.

We all have our place in society. The public very much lack knowledge of Epilepsy. It gets no time in the media. Sometimes it feels like some health issues such as Cancer receive far too much.
My heart goes out to anyone with any health problems.

There shouldn’t be to much difference between a employee with Epilepsy and one without. Personally , I think my 20 years with Epilepsy has perhaps made me more determined.

How often is one effected by their Epilepsy ? How often and how severe are their seizures ?  Currently I have been Epilepsy free for 2 weeks. So, 99 % of the time I am fine. I have been a Stay At Home Parent over the last 7 years and we have never had any problems.

If you find an employer that is understanding of your Epilesy and how it works , then all systems should be GO !!

If you have the qualification’s , you should be looked at the same as the next candidate. One of the best things you can have on your C.V is a good attitude. Do you have it ?

My daughter will start school at the beginning of next year. I may look to some more tertiary study , but my aspirations lie in home business. Hindsight would have been handy all those years ago when I went through Tertiary Studies. We always thought my Epilepsy would go away with time. If I had known it would still be around after all these years , I may have studied something different. I studied Landscape Design. There can be some physical work involved there and a drivers license would be needed. My interests are very much in front of a computer these days.