Epilepsy Stigma – The Uneducated Public

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My Epilepsy joined me at puberty, which is about 20 years ago.

Epilepsy is something that the public are very misinformed about, but at the same time everyone is an expert. Well, many think they are experts. The public need to be much more informed. When one is having a seizure, it is often misdiagnosed as another type of health condition/issue. I have experienced this many times.

The public needs to know ..

  • Epilepsy is not contagious
  • People with Epilepsy are capable of employment
  • People with Epilepsy are not violent
  • Epilepsy can become part of anyone’s life.

There are many types of Epilepsy and when people hear the word Epilepsy, they only think of Grand Mal Seizures. Some with Epilepsy are afraid to be out and open with their Epilepsy . Some with Epilepsy are ashamed. Many with Epilepsy often wonder if they should be honest when moving forward with their career.  Yes, of course you should. You need to be open and honest in all avenues. Your new employer isn’t going to be happy to see a seizure 2 weeks into your new employment if they knew nothing of it. Tell these people about your Epilepsy. If they choose not to employ you just because of your Epilepsy, that’s discrimination. Just because you have Epilepsy, doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of the position.

When meeting new people, you may not like it, but Epilepsy is a part of your life. If people turn away from you when they hear of your Epilepsy, they are not the sort of people to be forming relationships with. Others should love you as you are, Epilepsy or not. The best thing for everyone is to be loved by those closest. Family should love you wherever life takes you.

Everyone needs to understand that Epilepsy could join them tomorrow. But, many have the “No, that will never happen to me ” attitude. Another common one is “No one in my family has ever had Epilepsy so..” Anyone can have Epilepsy, at any stage of life.

Epilepsy may have got you down at some stage in life, but it may become part of your motivation down the road . Epilepsy has become somewhat of a passion for myself. Sound crazy ? Well, as said, many know very little about Epilepsy, so why not be part of the solution. I’m excited about doing this as a board member with the New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation.It’s fantastic to be part of getting more information out there and helping Epilepsy gain more publicity. In doing this, I hope to continue meeting others with Epilepsy. There are quite a number of people with Epilepsy. Think of  1-2 % of the population. I look forward to finding some of these people.

When I mention my Epilepsy , most of the time the person I am talking to will say they know someone with Epilepsy. Everyone seems to know someone with Epilepsy.

Don’t let your Epilepsy own you. Do the things that you want to do. There is a perfect job for us all. That job is called life. So try to enjoy everyday.

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