Does Money Buy Happiness ?


Have you heard “Money doesn’t buy you happiness” ? I think you probably would have. I don’t agree with it 100 % . Something money does give you is piece of mind. Piece of mind that you can pay the bills, make your mortgage payments. One with a good steady income is able to relax more than the opposite. When money is an issue, it can be always on the mind. Saying from experience, it’s not at all pleasant.

Sometimes the people who say “Money can’t you you happiness ” are extreme wealthy or the complete opposite. An example is ones who are very successful.  We often hear this from the likes of famous people such as famous Musicians / Movie Stars. Perhaps they have had drug or alcohol issues. Some sort of addiction. Maybe they have been married several times. Maybe money is the reason they have had problems…they have so much money they can do what they want, when they want.

We often hear stories of people winning Lotto. They win thousands and thousands of dollars then end up broke. This is crazy. If one wins Lotto, they should think about the long term future. Money should be invested to provide a long term income. You could possibly get rid of your mortgage. I have read many times that is what should be done before anything else.

There is often debate that top earners aren’t paying enough tax. I disagree with this.  If one has a successful career and maybe a 6 figure income, they should be complimented. They are often looked upon as bad people.

So, where were you a few years ago ? I’m probably happier when I was a few years ago. I have things I want to achieve in the next 12 months. Some of this is in regards to money. This will make me alot happier.

Wealth could always be looked upon in more than just monetary terms. I’m glad I have a roof over my head. I’m wealthy because of my supportive family. They have and always be there for me regardless what the situation is. This provides a good piece of mind.

So, I think money can bring happiness …….

in the form of piece of mind.

And Remember…




Come Out, Come Out …Wherever You Are !!!

That’s right, come out come out wherever you are !!!!


“Why” ? you may ask. Because people with Epilepsy can achieve alot more together. There are other people with Epilepsy out there. How much of a group do you have in our area, town , city ?

This is something we really struggle with. Let’s do the Maths. Here in Hamilton, we have a population of 150,000. Let’s say 1% of them have Epilepsy in their life. That’s 1500 people !!!!! That’s alot of people. Let’s scale it down. What about 1000 people, or even 500. Those are big numbers. Surely some of those people would like to be part of something. Think of it as a club, community, group…whatever you want to call it. We all have something in common. Yes, it’s something we would rather be without, but why not try and make the best of it.

There are many ways we make friends. Maybe you met your friends through education, such as University or School. Maybe you worked together. Maybe you played sport together. We make friends through our children as well. We have made some of our best friends through starting a family !!!

Forget about embarrassment. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are others out there with Epilepsy. That’s why it makes so much sense not to be embarrassed. I’m proud to say I don’t feel embarrassment about anything really. Perhaps this is because of my Epilepsy.I think it has made me stronger in a way. Yes, I like to be my best and make a good impression. We should always try and be our best. But, I try not to sweat the small stuff. I don’t care what others think of me. People out there don’t know your story, don’t know what you are doing with your life.

Remember your younger years ? Did you get called silly names ? Did you want to be one of the cool kids ? When we get older we realize how silly all of that was. If only I could have known what I know now 20 years ago.

We have made some ground here in New Zealand… we are slowly getting some events for people with Epilepsy in place. We still have a long way to go, but it is very encouraging. I’m very proud and excited to be part of it.

So please …..come out, come out wherever you are  !!!!


 Do you like my t-shirt ?

I’m not afraid to wear it out !!!seize the day

Not the best of days…

Today has been one of those days. You know , right ?
What I mean is a day when things aren’t much fun, you look forward to when the day is over. I felt a bit frustrated this morning. The usual bit of silliness that happens when the kids are having breakfast. My wife leaves just after 7 in the mornings, so it’s just me when the kids are eating. I often tell them to stop mucking around and eat their breakfast. They complain that the other is looking at them !! CRAZY KIDS !!!

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Understanding Epilepsy – Talk , Don’t Be Shy !!

I’ll say it again. There is a need for a better understanding of Epilepsy.

It’s not really that hard.  It’s like alot of things.





As we know, the public really lack understanding. Everyone is different , just like our personalities. Imagine a world where everyone is the same. Maybe that will happen one day. Not quite everyone… but a few. All the talk of things Genetic’s. Imagine picking what sort of child you wanted to have. That’s sick !! If you were able to pick what colored eyes and hair your child was to have… If we get to that stage, we would have seriously lost the plot.




Back to the subject.

So, why do Seizures arrive ? Do they come when you are in certain situations ? When your tired or stressed ? These types of things create brain activity.

I keep a diary of my seizures or “turns”. I can often feel when they are coming.Can you predict when they are going to happen ? I wonder whether predicting them and telling my wife about it stops them from arriving. I always ask Alie ( wife ) what happened. I sometimes feel like I’m trying to gain attention…well, I sometimes think that is what she may be thinking. But, it’s all for my diary. That info is handy when you go and see the Doctor or Neurologist.

I’m super excited been involved in the NZ Epilepsy Foundation. I also run a Facebook page for my area. We may soon get some names of people who have Epilepsy. This will help us get a bigger group together.



I’m very glad Hayden ( son ) really understands Epilepsy. He’ll be 7 in May. A couple of days ago we were walking home from school and and he kept asking me if I was ok. This was because I was repeating what I had said. I was fine.  We’ll have to get Claudia to that level of understanding in the next few years . She’ll be at school next year.

They need to know –

* What Epilepsy is
* What happens
* Why it happens
* What to do

Encourage questions !!

I love to Exercise. I have never driven so I walk a few KM’s every day.I’ll be going for an hours walk tonight. It’s time-out with music in my ears. It helps with Self-Esteem as well. I have looked to getting involved in some social /activity groups. This is where a license would be handy.  I use the bus service, but I have to consider where these meetings are and whether a bus is going there. It’s not the best idea to be relying on public transport late in the evening.But, life goes on.

This was a fairly random post about a few things wasn’t it. It was just a time to get a few things off my chest.

Have a good weekend !!!


Epilepsy Blog Relay : Will My Children Have Epilepsy ?


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Many people around the world are wondering if Epilepsy is genetic.  Here we’re going to discuss this in detail.  It’s not uncommon for people to be curious about this during their child rearing years.  The last thing a potential parent wants to do is pass on their health issue to their offspring.  We’ll also discuss the likelihood of doing just that.  Understanding the facts goes a long way in helping to uncover the myths surrounding this condition.

Epilepsy can be passed down from generation to generation.  That doesn’t mean a person’s children are guaranteed to have it.  It simply means that their likelihood of having Epilepsy increases.  This is true if the father of the child has Epilepsy.  It should be noted that if the mother has Epilepsy, the likelihood of the child having Epilepsy is slightly higher. A woman should question the medicated she is taking, whether there is a chance of that effecting her baby. I have recently learned about Foetal Anti -Convulsant Syndrome. FACS occurs when an anti-convulsant drug, such as Epilim, is taken by a mother during pregnancy.  It crosses the placenta and through the developing fetus. But, once again, not all woman on these medications will have a child effected by FACS.

I don’t think Epilepsy should prevent  a couple from considering starting a family. But, everyone’s case is different and health professionals can give advice.  It should also be noted that a sibling is at higher risk of Epilepsy if their brother or sister has it.  With this said, the risk is still fairly low.  While it’s definitely higher than in the general population, the risk is minimal and shouldn’t stop anyone from considering expanding their family.

You should also note that Epilepsy is not contagious.   You can’t pass on Epilepsy through a hug or a cough.   No one should ever be concerned about contracting Epilepsy from someone else.  It simply isn’t possible and any concern is based on irrational thoughts.

Epilepsy can also be caused by brain trauma.  If this is the cause of Epilepsy, then it’s not genetic and therefore can’t be passed on.  This is a common form of Epilepsy. Any traumatic head injury can be the catalyst for Epilepsy.   Those who repeatedly have their head hit are at higher risk of developing Epilepsy. Head protection when riding a bike, or playing some sports is a must.

Never lose sight of the fact that Epilepsy and seizures can be treated.  While this is a serious condition, millions of people around the world live productive lives with it.  Always make sure to take your medication as prescribed.  A close relationship with your doctor is a must when having this condition.  It’s the best way to make sure that it’s under control.  You’ll also be able to bring up any concerns you may have in regards to passing it on to your children.

I have a 6 year old son and a four year old daughter. Being a Stay At Home Dad, I am responsible for them most of the time. We have now reached a stage where my son understands my Epilepsy and knows what steps to take if I have a complex partial seizure.

I developed my Epilepsy during Puberty. No one in my family has Epilepsy. All tests ( MRI & EEG ) I have ever had have never shown any reason for it, so I wonder why. We all wish for the best health for our family. I do think of my children developing Epilepsy. Lets hope for the best.

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It’s That Time Again

Yes, it’s that time again !!

What time ? This week is the last week of the 3rd school term. So, here comes 2 weeks Holiday for our boy, and a week or so away from School for my wife ( she’s a teacher ) . Our girl normally just has one week off Kindy when the School Holidays are with us, but these holidays she’ll have both off.

So, as we do in alot of holidays, we’ll go to Gisborne and stay with my in-laws for a few nights. Might say with my parents at their beach house on the way home as well. Family is very important, and it’s fantastic for Grandparents and Great-Grandparents to spend time with the kids. My parents are lucky in that respect. They are only 15-20 minutes away and we see them at least once a week.


I always look forward to the school holidays because it means I’m not at home alone with the kids. I’m lucky in the respect that my wife is a teacher and she gets that week or so away. But please don’t say to me that teachers get alot of time off work though. They put in big hours during the school term and time at school is required during the holidays. It’s not a 9 am-3 pm  job as many think it is.

My Epilepsy hasn’t been to bad lately, maybe slightly on the improve. So far this month I have had 3 turns. ( Complex Partial Seizures ) . Lets hope I can get to the end of the month without anymore. I’m currently in the process of ending taking Topiramate. They will be completely gone on the 20th of October. That will leave me on Lamotrigine & Levetiracetam.


Our daylight savings start this weekend . Bring on the summer. It’s slowly getting that tiny bit warmer. As I write it’s raining…. I’ll get wet when a go and get my daughter from Kindy in a wee while. Summer seems to get later and later every year.

Time certainly does fly. It seems like just yesterday it was last Christmas. Before you know it, it will be Christmas once again. There are good and bad parts to this. I do look forward to my daughter turning 5. ( Dec 2016 )  Alot of parents find this upsetting. Maybe I will when it actually happens. I have never been able to drive, so most of my days are at home, just the kids and I. A friend of ours, who’s son just turned 12 , said that it is frightening that his son is now 12. In a few more years, say 6, his son may be off on his own path. I fully understand where he is coming from. I also think of our parents getting older, like we all do. We can’t be here forever.

All the best,

Bryce ox

Not The Best Day

I didn’t have the best day yesterday. It was the usual start. My wife left at about 7:15 for her 20-30 minute drive to work. Its always about then that the kids are sitting at the table eating their breakfast. I always have to tell them to be quiet, carry on eating , etc. Every day is the same. It can be pretty frustrating. So, it was that sort of morning, plus I had quite a few other things running through my head.

So, at 7:30- 8 am , it’s always brush teeth time. It’s always about 8:30 that we leave for our walk to school and then kindy.  At about 7:30 or so, the doorbell went. I went and answered the door. There was a Courier Man there with a parcel for us. I then remembered that he was going to be coming. .  But, that is the last I can remember of him.

Next thing I remember is walking along the foot path in my slippers. I eventually ended up back at home. The front door had been pushed towards been shut, but not completely. I went in and there was no one there.

So, I gave my wife a call. She said she was on her way home.  She also told me the kids were just down the street at my sons friends house. Sounds like I had taken off and the Courier Man was unable to stop me. My son asked the Courier Man to take them to his friends house. Well Done !! So, I got on my way there. Just as I got onto the street, our Neighbour arrived. So, him and I walked to their house. There were my kids !!

So, we came home again. Next thing ya know, about 8:30, my wife was home again. I wish she hadn’t come home for the day. I’m sure my parents could have helped us out. So, from there, she took our girl to kindy , and my son and I walked to school, which is not even 5 minutes walk away.

I rang the Courier Company and found out who had made the delivery. They told me so I personally rang the man and told him how grateful we were that he took care of the kids by taking them down the street.

So, I had a day with my wife at home. After lunch we ( including our daughter) went to the local shopping centre to do a couple of things.

So, frustrating for me !! Frustrating because it meant my wife missed a day at work. It just makes you feel bad because you messed everything up.

I felt ok this morning, and I was really. I was a little funny when I left kindy though. (after dropping my daughter there). I stood on the footpath and wondered how long I had until I had to be back, or some reason I was thinking I didn’t want to go to far.  One of the teachers came out to see whether I was ok. I said to her that it seems like there is several periods throughout the day, like there was when I was at school. EG: 6 one hour periods. At first I was dreaming I had to be back in a short time. But, I came right and continued on my way home. Apart from that, which only lasted a few minutes I suppose  I’ve been fine today.


Neurologist Appointment……In A Couple Of Days



Just a couple of days to go and we are off to the Neurologist. 

My last visit was 15 months ago. 

So, I have been very excited about this. It should have been a few weeks ago, but I got a phone call, which put it off for a few weeks. It made me a bit angry at the time, but….never mind.

I have had big changes in medication since my last visit. I have had big improvement with seizure numbers as well, but then I feel it’s slightly gone backwards again in the last 3-4 months. I’m looking forward to taking all my records and having a chat. I write everything down. When I had a seizure/turn and why I think I had it. So, I’ll keep you posted on what comes out of our appointment !!


A Sick Last Week Of Term

What a week it has been. It’s been a good one in that it was the last week of the school term. But it wasn’t much fun because Claudia ( daughter )  was home all week..never went to Kindergarten. So we never really did anything , which meant they were long days. She watched a lot of TV, which made me feel guilty. She was coughing Sunday night/ Monday morning , so as we all know it’s wrong to send your kids anywhere where they may give their bugs to others.

She spent most of the week coughing, with a bit of phlegm in her mouth. I got her some Paracetamol, which helped her a bit , but it wore out every 4-5 hours. So, We’d give her some more. It got to Thursday and I rang Healthline for some advice. The person I spoke to said we should go to the doctor. You never know, what seems like just a cold could be something a lot worse. I tried to get a doctors appointment. They were all booked out for the day, and it was the same for Friday as well. It’s just that time of the year !! Everyone’s at the doctor.
I went and got some other stuff from the Pharmacy. We thought it might help her to have something different from Paracetamol . I think it did help her as well. But she still had a throat full of phlegm.
So, Saturday…..Alie ( my wife ) took Claudia to a Doctor in town. It was just a matter of going and waiting and seeing a random Doctor. But it was worth it. Sounds like the Doctor they saw was lovely. She said Claudia had a bit of an Ear Infection. So, more came from the Pharmacy.
We had a Birthday Party to go to yesterday afternoon/last night. We were a bit hesitate on Claudia going, but we all went in the end, and things were fine. The kids were fine. There were quite a few kids games which kept them happy.
So, school holidays… I always look forward to them. It means we get a bit of family time with Alie being a teacher. She is going to be at school the whole 2nd week which won’t be much fun for anyone. ( 2 week holiday ). We are doing a few fun things in the first week. We have plans to go to the Zoo and visit an old friend tomorrow . Then later in the week we’re going to the beach for a couple of nights. Alie’s parents are going to come and stay with us there.

Epilepsy Stigma – The Uneducated Public

This post is part of the Epilepsy Stigma Blog Relay which will run from June 1 through June 30.
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My Epilepsy joined me at puberty, which is about 20 years ago.

Epilepsy is something that the public are very misinformed about, but at the same time everyone is an expert. Well, many think they are experts. The public need to be much more informed. When one is having a seizure, it is often misdiagnosed as another type of health condition/issue. I have experienced this many times.

The public needs to know ..

  • Epilepsy is not contagious
  • People with Epilepsy are capable of employment
  • People with Epilepsy are not violent
  • Epilepsy can become part of anyone’s life.

There are many types of Epilepsy and when people hear the word Epilepsy, they only think of Grand Mal Seizures. Some with Epilepsy are afraid to be out and open with their Epilepsy . Some with Epilepsy are ashamed. Many with Epilepsy often wonder if they should be honest when moving forward with their career.  Yes, of course you should. You need to be open and honest in all avenues. Your new employer isn’t going to be happy to see a seizure 2 weeks into your new employment if they knew nothing of it. Tell these people about your Epilepsy. If they choose not to employ you just because of your Epilepsy, that’s discrimination. Just because you have Epilepsy, doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of the position.

When meeting new people, you may not like it, but Epilepsy is a part of your life. If people turn away from you when they hear of your Epilepsy, they are not the sort of people to be forming relationships with. Others should love you as you are, Epilepsy or not. The best thing for everyone is to be loved by those closest. Family should love you wherever life takes you.

Everyone needs to understand that Epilepsy could join them tomorrow. But, many have the “No, that will never happen to me ” attitude. Another common one is “No one in my family has ever had Epilepsy so..” Anyone can have Epilepsy, at any stage of life.

Epilepsy may have got you down at some stage in life, but it may become part of your motivation down the road . Epilepsy has become somewhat of a passion for myself. Sound crazy ? Well, as said, many know very little about Epilepsy, so why not be part of the solution. I’m excited about doing this as a board member with the New Zealand Epilepsy Foundation.It’s fantastic to be part of getting more information out there and helping Epilepsy gain more publicity. In doing this, I hope to continue meeting others with Epilepsy. There are quite a number of people with Epilepsy. Think of  1-2 % of the population. I look forward to finding some of these people.

When I mention my Epilepsy , most of the time the person I am talking to will say they know someone with Epilepsy. Everyone seems to know someone with Epilepsy.

Don’t let your Epilepsy own you. Do the things that you want to do. There is a perfect job for us all. That job is called life. So try to enjoy everyday.

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Hope You Had An Enjoyable Easter :)


So, what a 10 days, 2 weeks. We are now in school holiday mode. The first term has flown by. It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas. The last week of the school term was very much an eventful one though. On the Monday ( 30th March ), I arrived at kindy to pick my daughter up and …. I found my father there. Why ?
Well, my parents had received a call from my wife’s school ( where she works ) to say she was on her way to hospital in an Ambulance. She had some funny vision, then sounds like she pretty much just collapsed. So, we were on our way to the hospital. When we got there, we found her fast asleep. This was the result of a Migraine. This surprised me, because that morning she had said how she felt good, and it was the first morning in a while that she didn’t have a headache. So, I spent the whole afternoon with her. She had a couple of things given by drip plus a few check overs from a doctor.
We were finally able to leave at 6pm. So, what a day. That one came out of nowhere. So, we thought that she would have one day off school, but her workmates were adamant she should take the rest of the week off. This ended up been the case, with Friday been a public holiday for Easter. We had plans to go away Easter Friday. We were unsure whether we would be able to go with those. How would Alie be to drive ? Turned out she was fine, so Friday morning we were off before 9am. We went and stayed for a night at the beach with my parents. Then after that we carried on to Gisborne to Alie’s parents, another 3 and a half hours drive. We had a new nephew to meet in Gisborne, born in February. So, a couple of nights in Gisborne , then another night at the beach on the way home. 4 nights away from home in total. It’s so handy Mum and Dad having the place at the beach when traveling to Gisborne. It helps to break the trip up a little. Easter. I’m not a religious  person. The Bible is for some people, not for others. I’m happy for people who believe in God, but that’s not for me. I’ve heard a lot of talk about the Easter Bunny over the last week or 2. It has become a bit boring !!  So, looking forward to the rest of the 2 week school holidays. Then it will be back to the normal rountine. Got my mothers 60th birthday this weekend !!