Todays Turn

Hey Hows it going ? I hope life is treating you well !!

Me ?  Well , things are as usual. My days pretty much consist of taking kids to school and Kindy and doing the chores around our home. I spend a bit of time in front of the computer as well. I have a few projects in progress.  Have you been enjoying the Olympics ? I wasn’t really that excited before  it all started but I have been enjoying it.

Today I had my 2nd turn this month which I suppose isn’t too bad.  My daughter and I were on the way to school to bring my son home. We are very lucky that it isn’t even 5 minutes walk away. I don’t think we realised how good it would be when we moved here a few years ago. I can’t wait until next year with both kids at school.

Anyway, back to my turn. We had pretty much got to school and my daughter saw a girl from her Kindy. They smiled at each other, kinda said hello. Both myself and the daughters mother noticed. Anyway, just as this happened, I felt a wee bit funny. As with 90 % ( maybe even more ) of my turns these days, I know it is happening. I think we wandered about school briefly. I must have been a bit out of it, a bit lost. But my son said I was at his classroom as usual, like I am everyday. I can’t remember that. I can’t remember the walk home either.

As I said, I know when most of my turns are going to happen. I think when I say to my wife that I feel like I’m going to have a turn, doing that scares it away. Sound a bit odd  ?

So, the rest of the afternoon wasn’t much fun.  I never really enjoy the afternoons  that much .  I got dinner ready and sorted out the days washing.   I always look forward to my wife getting home . The main thing that used to bore me was the thought of entertaining the kids in the afternoons. Maybe I worried about it to much. They pretty much entertain themselves these days.  They don’t sit and watch T.V in the afternoons. They do this in the morning though. It fills in the hour or so before it’s time to leave.


So, that’s today and things at the moment.

bryce rae


I’ll Pack A Lunch ( Alpaca)

On The Bus

Today my daughter and I had a bit of a different Friday. Our Fridays are normally away from kindy, but we went on a kindy trip today. The trip was to an Alpaca Farm. Do you know what an Alpaca is ?

Part of the fun was the bus ride. Sound a bit weird. My girl and I have probably never been on a bus without her being in the pushchair….maybe once.
The Alpaca’s were a good time. They are a different sort of animal . Not as common as the sheep or cow.
All the kids got to feed the Alpaca’s. There were some real friendly ones. The kids also got to stomp in the mud  !!! Always a good time, right ?
So, a fun day out !!
It’s nice to be sitting here in my P.J’s on a Friday night – 7:30 pm 🙂
That’s always a good time. We’ve got the weekend ahead of us.

All the best