Obesity…..a frustrating issue !!



Obesity continues to be an issue all around the world. A big part of this is our children. I have talked about obesity before. It frustrates me. The media talk about steps that need to be taken / why obesity is a problem. As with so many things, it always seems to come back to the government. Some think that if there is a problem , it is always up to the government to sort it out.

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No More Fizzy Drink !!!


Fizzy drinks…..I drink my fair share, but I don’t think I do too bad. I know people who drink alot more than I do. I have written about my addiction to drinking V.  Well, not quite an addiction, but V is a drink I enjoy and health wise I would be better off without.

In the media this week ( here in New Zealand ) , there has been discussion about schools banning fizzy drinks and restricting drinking to just water. Sounds like a good idea to me. Our kids, aged 4 & 6 , only really drink water. They sometimes get the treat of orange juice, but because it’s always been this way, we never hear too many complains about it.

We always seem to be hearing about our children. But isn’t it a parent job to make these decisions ? I really get sick of everyone thinking the government is responsible for everything. Shouldn’t your kids be your responsibility ? If you decide to have children, you need to take responsibility !!! You are the parents, not the government. it’s up to parents to make decisions.  People seem to blame the government for everything. If you decide that your children shouldn’t have fizzy drink, then take action.

My answer to this is “Everything In Moderation” . It is O.K to drink some fizzy drink, alcohol, eat some takeaways…… you know what I’m talking about.These sort of things. Most people enjoy these things and that’s fine. But , just don’t have too much.

New Zealand is evidently the 3rd most obese country in the world. I’m surprised by this. But, what is classed as obese ? How are you puthick-373064__180t into this category ?

Obesity is measured by BMI ( body mass index ). An equation is made using ones height and weight. It doesn’t really take much to be classed as obese. Some of our greatest sports stars are supposedly obese.  I guess they would be full of muscle though and muscle weighs more than fat.

Looks like I have gone off the topic of Fizzy Drinks !!! In the last week , a Fizzy drink tax has been put in place in the U.K. So, should NZ have a Fizzy Drink tax as well ? That was a question of the week. My view is NO, we don’t need one. Why ? well, it won’t raise the prices much. Things like this should come from people taking action, not pricing.

So, I’ll continue to enjoy my fizzy drink in moderation.

Moderation is the key to many things.












Junk Food

Tackling Obesity

Junk Food


The number of overweight youngsters has increased dramatically over the last thirty years. Obesity has currently surpassed smoking as a pathological state. If action is not taken,Obesity is probably going to continue throughout lives. We do not want our kids to be having shorter lives than ourselves. After we scrutinize technology, it’s as if it’ll be the opposite. Ones on the improve , and the other is going down hill.
Obesity will bring several issues like Diabetes and Cancer.
So, what steps ought to be taken ? Is Education the solution ?
Parents have to take a look and see that everything we eat has an impact.
Education is a component of the solution, however alot more can be done. A part of the answer for Smoking has been the adding of a tax, which means  higher costs. This could be a deterrent from purchasing some food . Some countries have goals of been smoke-free by an exact date. Sound Optimistic ?  New Zealand goal is to be smoke free by 2025. It seems like a big ask, but smoking continues to decline. We all know that setting goals is the best way to reach targets. More information needs to be in place within the food market and on food packaging. This can lead to better decisions.
At times it looks as if Government is bringing up children, not parents. Parents need to be responsible when feeding their children.  Parents are of course the biggest influence in a  child’s early years. Habits can last a life time.
Children are not as active as they were in the past. Technology has modified the way many spend their time. How much time do your youngsters spend on the computer or with a tablet. Look at activities 30 years ago. Everyone was taking part in a lot more sport and generally just more active. Sport could be made more accessible, fees could be brought down.


Tackling Obesity may begin as early as in the womb.

At what level is the mother-to-be weight at ?
How much weight should she gain throughout gestation ?
Should she be eating additional food for her baby ?
How long should breast feeding last ?

Everyone needs to be eating their fruit and vegetables. How often do you have takeaway’s ?

Advertising is part of the problem. Adverts need to be limited  and also at the right times. In some countries, Alcohol has been taken  away from the television screen. Maybe the same action could be taken for some foods. EG : McDonald’s.

When you see that McDonald’s advert, do you desire a Big-Mac ?

It’s up to individuals to make the right decisions. Are you making the best ones ?